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3 Botox Mistakes That Will Cost You


There are many reasons why Botox is such a popular cosmetic procedure. It's quick, it's almost pain free, it's affordable, and it works! You will look younger and more vibrant with Botox. There are, however, three ways for you to sabotage your Botox treatment afterwards. You don't want to make these mistakes because they will mar the effect of the treatment or result in discomfort for you. Let's go through them.

Drinking Alcohol

Botox isn't surgery, but drinking is still not advised. Alcohol can make you dizzy and drowsy, and you need to be alert and aware after your procedure to monitor how your body reacts to it, especially the first time. Alcohol also increases inflammation and the risk of bruising at the injection site.


Take it easy after your Botox procedure and avoid bending, lying down, straining or exercising for at least 4 hours. Keep your head above your heart for that period of time, and stay away from even stretching exercises like yoga. Aerobic exercise may exacerbate headaches. For the 24-hour period after your procedure, focus on rest. If you can't miss exercise on the day of your procedure, do it beforehand.

Touching or Massaging the Injection Sites

After your procedure, you will be able to smile and move your facial muscles to make expressions, but you should not touch, rub, or massage around the area of the injection. Pressure can cause the Botox to migrate to places that you did not intend it to be and to mar the effect of the Botox. For the Botox to diffuse through the muscle and spread to the targeted areas successfully, you should not allow any pressure for at least 24 hours. This includes wearing hats or caps and getting facials or massages.

You do not want your eyelids, eyebrows, or mouth drooping because you prodded your face or put a cap on too soon. Botox is an investment, and it lasts for months once it successfully spreads throughout the muscle tissue. But for the first 24 hours you need to treat your injection sites with care in order to see the results you want (and avoid results you don't).

At Bancroft Feldman our nurse injector will go through these guidelines with you on the day of your appointment so you won't make any of these costly mistakes. She will also talk to you about what kind of result you are looking for with your Botox. We want you to be happy and satisfied with the results of your procedure so you will leave our office with the confidence that you will look and feel more youthful in no time! 

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