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Are Your Breasts Beach Ready for Summer?


It's holiday time and the darkest part of winter. This is probably the time of year you're least likely to worry about your body being "beach ready." You're layering your clothes to keep warm, and if you eat too much at the holiday buffet, there's always Spanx. If you want your breasts to look great in your bikini when the weather turns warm again, though, now is the time to consider breast augmentation.

Why You Should Have Breast Augmentation during the Winter

As we've said before, winter break is a great time to have plastic surgery. People often have vacation periods from school or work that can double as time off for surgery. Family may be around to help take care of you too. For both convenience and pampering, the winter holidays are an ideal time to have work done.

All of winter is a good time, however. The natural tendency people have to stay indoors and cover up makes it ideal for the post-operative healing period. Most people are less active all winter than they are during the rest of the year, so they don't feel like they're missing out on all of the fun activities at the beach, pool, or park if they need to rest and take it easy for a month or two.

How Long Does It Take to Be Beach Ready?

The answer depends on how you define "ready." It takes time to heal from any surgery, including breast augmentation, but you won't be spending two months in bed afterwards.

For the period of time after your surgery until your post-operative appointment, you should allow yourself complete rest. Don't go anywhere and don't do anything. Take it easy and follow Dr. Feldman's post-operative instructions to the letter. In the days that follow, you can add more activity to your schedule. Most of Dr. Feldman's patients are able to do basic tasks that don't require lifting by 3 to 5 days after augmentation, and many of them go back to work after those 5 days have passed.

For beach fun like running, volleyball, or swimming, you should plan on allowing two months for full healing. Moderate impact cardio and Zumba should not be done for a full 8 weeks, and you'll need to allow three months to do high impact activity like CrossFit or body-weight-bearing yoga. People will be tempted to cheat on activity restrictions, but that's not a good idea. Breast implants are an expensive investment in your appearance. You want to make sure you do what you can to protect that investment and avoid complications like capsular contracture.

While inserting breast implants will automatically make your breasts bigger, they will not be swimsuit ready immediately. You can enjoy your enhanced figure in dresses and other clothing while you're waiting for them to look their very best. At six months, you can expect that full healing will have occurred, and your breasts should then look great in a bikini. Sometimes this process takes a little less time, but that depends on the patient, her body, her activity level, and other factors.

Six months from winter break is the beginning of summer - just in time to take advantage of beach weather and wear skimpier clothing to show off your new breasts and your new body!

New Year, New You

If you're not happy with the size or shape of your breasts and would like to improve your body and your figure in 2020, contact Bancroft Feldman today to schedule your free breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Feldman, the Breast Expert. If you act now, your body will be beach ready for all of the fashion and fun you want to throw at it next summer. 

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