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Bancroft Feldman's Spring Fillers Sale!


It's getting to be that time of year again - the time when you want to look your very best. When the weather gets warm, the clothes come off. Between bikini weather and wedding and graduation season, we all get more serious in spring about getting our bodies back in shape. For many people this includes not only weight loss but cosmetic surgery procedures like Botox and fillers. Fortunately for our patients at Bancroft and Feldman, we will be having a spring fillers sale that will make your body goals more affordable.

Our One-Day-Only Spring Fillers Sale

On April 23rd, we will be hosting a one-day informational event for anyone interested in fillers. Our patients are invited to come in for a brief consultation on what is involved with dermal or lip fillers. You can tell us at this time what improvements you desire, and we will let you know what the best options would be for the outcome you want. When you pay in advance for your syringes, you will receive 20% off of the total price of your fillers.

After consultation and pre-payment for your fillers, you can schedule your injections within 60 days at your convenience. We have a limited number of appointment times for this event, however, so call us to reserve your appointment on the 23rd of April before our schedule is entirely filled.

How Do Fillers Improve Your Appearance?

Some people mistakenly believe that Botox and fillers are the same thing. They're not. They can be used together to great effect, but they fix different problems. Fillers help replace the volume in your face that you had more of when you were young. This volume was there because of higher amounts of fat, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and even bone and muscle in your body. As you age your body stops making as much of these, and it's easier to see lines, wrinkles, and folds in your skin.

Fillers fill up the areas behind that skin. This smooths away wrinkles and folds around your nose and mouth, plumps your lips, softens and reduces other facial lines, and shapes and contours your face for a more attractive appearance. There are many different types of fillers, but they are all injectable gels that add volume underneath the skin.

Fillers are not just for older people, though. There are plenty of people who have thinner lips or more angular faces who use fillers to plump or soften their lips and cheeks, temples, or chin. Some people use fillers to mask acne scars or smoker's lines around the mouth. Fillers can even be used to make hands look younger. Anyone who wants a fresh and more youthful look is a good candidate for fillers.

If you've been thinking about getting fillers for that upcoming wedding you've saved the date for or want to complement your weight loss by peeling away some years on your face, our one-day event on April 23rd is for you! Call us today to make an appointment for your fillers during our Spring Fillers Sale.

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