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Botox before a Wedding


Summer is a time when important things happen - things like weddings, graduations, class reunions, and family reunions. Most people want to look good on a regular day, but when it comes to a big event like a wedding or a class reunion, it's even more important to make a good impression. With Botox, it's possible to roll back the clock to achieve a more youthful appearance, but it's wise to time a Botox injection well. Here are some things to consider before you make that appointment.

Allow 2 to 4 weeks for best results. Botox isn't immediate. It takes a few weeks for you to get the full effect. Adding a few weeks to that means that it will be in effect and you will have gotten used to the look and what you can do with your hair and makeup to make yourself even more gorgeous. Trying to insert a treatment into a very busy wedding schedule can be tricky, especially at the last minute. Allow yourself the luxury of a little more time. We promise it won't wear off within 4 weeks.

It doesn't hurt. Botox is given in a series of quick and virtually painless injections, so don't spend any of your time worrying about how it feels. That is the Botox doing its job. It works "by inhibiting the nerve impulse at the targeted muscle, thereby relaxing it so that it is unable pull the overlying skin, thus reducing, or eliminating lines and wrinkles caused by muscle contraction." This is another reason why it's better to have it done beforehand so you can get used to what it feels like.

If you want to feel beautiful and confident for your wedding or your class reunion, Botox can help with that. It softens smile and frown lines and makes you look like a younger, fresher you. Incorporating this beauty treatment into your planning is easy, and the treatment itself is quick and painless. What's not to love?

To schedule an appointment for a Botox injection, call Bancroft Feldman today!

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