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Celebrating Your First Holiday Season after Plastic Surgery


December is a month full of holidays - and holiday parties. This means that for many of our patients, it will be an opportunity to show off their improved faces and figures to family or far away friends. On the one hand, it can feel wonderful to celebrate when you know you look great. On the other hand, you might not want to answer a bunch of intrusive questions about the plastic surgery you've had done at family parties or religious events. Here are a few tips to navigate the holiday season if you've recently had cosmetic procedures or surgery.

Answer People's Questions in Your Head Beforehand

No one wants to be ambushed with intrusive questions when they're in public. If you run through any questions you think you might get to yourself beforehand, you will be better prepared if someone does put you on the spot. That's if you decide you will answer people's questions. Some people love talking about the procedures they have had. They want to highlight the beautiful changes they've made, and point out how much younger or thinner they look. Others are more private. Either approach is fine. Every person has their own boundaries. For people who like to have their privacy respected, it's always appropriate to say, "I'd rather not answer that, thank you."

If you want to be completely discreet or want to keep your plastic surgery from certain people who might not approve, do not tell people who like to gossip about any work you've had done. If you have a lot of indiscreet people in your life, perhaps it's better if you keep your news within a circle of one - to yourself - at least until you know you are prepared to discuss it.

Hide Your Scars

If you do not want to talk about any plastic surgery you've had, it's best if you wear clothing that conceals any scars you may have. While Dr. Bancroft and Dr. Feldman are adept at creating incisions that will not be prominent, In the first year after surgery, any scars will be more visible than after they've had time to heal. Fortunately, the weather during the holidays is cooler and lends itself to longer, more concealing dresses and outfits. Botox and fillers do not leave scarring, so you can choose to highlight or downplay those results with makeup as you wish.

Don't Second Guess Yourself This Holiday Season

While it's good to have some strategies in mind to handle nosy questions or potential judgmental comments, it's better for your peace of mind to focus on the good. The fact is, in America today, many people struggle with body image. People's discontent with their bodies seems only to be growing over time. If you've made changes in your lifestyle and choices that make you feel more attractive, that confidence will permeate your life in any number of ways. One of those ways may be wearing a gorgeous form-fitting dress to a Christmas party. Another may be asking for a raise at work. Only you know how your choices have affected you. You don't need to take time out from enjoying your holidays to explain or justify them.

If you approach your holiday season displaying the confidence you have in yourself and your body, fewer people will want to criticize or nitpick because positive energy is both a shield and a beacon. Everyone is attracted to beauty. It's human nature! With this in mind, we at Bancroft Feldman wish all of our patients, past, present, and future, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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