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Do You Have Dark Circles or Eye Bags?


Do you have dark shadows or "bags" under your eyes? People experience eye bags more as they age, and having circles under the eyes is often seen as a sign of aging or ill health. Why do people get eye bags? We'll talk about that here and tell you what you can do to erase or diminish them.

Eye Bags or Tear Troughs

Circles under the eyes are also known as tear troughs or nasojugal grooves. They extend from the inner corner of the eye to the palpebromalar groove, following a semicircular arc and creating a division between the lower eyelid and the cheek. Tear troughs exist because the lower eyelid skin is tethered to the underlying facial bones. As people age, they make less and less collagen and areas that were plumped by the existence of plentiful collagen grow gaunter or more hollow looking. Without the collagen, the skin of the lower eyelid bags and tear troughs become more noticeable.

Patients with very deep or noticeable tear troughs or eye bags often look older than they are or get asked if they feel well. Fortunately, adding fillers can be a great way to address eye bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Filler Treatments Can Help Eye Bags

Treating tear troughs by adding fillers can help to fill in shadows and depressions and make the lower eyelid/cheek area look fuller and rejuvenated. There are many different types of fillers and they are used in different areas of the face and body based on the effect they have. Restylane is very good filler choice for tear trough treatments. It's a hyaluronic acid filler that lasts for a long time, typically about 9 months, but often more than a year.

Fillers are injected in our office by our nurse injector. They are not painful. Minor swelling and mild bruising can occur afterwards, but this will usually resolve itself within a week's time. We advise our patients to avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, and any other medicines or supplements that increase bleeding when they are planning to have fillers. They should also avoid exercising for 24 hours after their treatment. These are the only restrictions. Many of our patients schedule their fillers and return to work after their treatments are finished.

For many people, using fillers is a great alternative to surgery for facial aging. In the case of eye bags, fillers can make a real difference. Bags and lines around the eyes are one of the things people notice subconsciously and use to guess how old people are. Plumper eye skin automatically makes people assume the person is younger for this reason.

If you're not happy with your eye bags or dark circles and would like to turn back the clock on your face, call Bancroft Feldman and make an appointment to see our nurse injector. We will be happy to consult with you about your filler options and book you an appointment to take that step toward looking younger and more refreshed. 

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