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Double Chin? Try Kybella


Are you self conscious about your profile or the excess fat on your chin? Do you think it makes you look older? Bancroft Feldman offers a treatment for that! We've previously discussed how we use Kybella to treat bra bulge, but it can also be used successfully to eliminate excess fat in a double chin. What do Kybella treatments involve?

Kybella is deoxycholic acid. It is found naturally in the human digestive system as a natural acid the body releases to break up fat. Kythera Biopharma markets it under the brand name Kybella, and the FDA approved its use in April of 2015 for the treatment of submental fat (double chin). This treatment is much safer and less invasive than surgical procedures. Kybella works to dissolve the fat cells into the areas we inject it into. Once those fat cells are gone, they will not regrow in that area.

What Do Kybella Treatments for Double Chin Involve?

Each treatment is specialized and customized to meet the aesthetic goals of the patient. This is an in-office, non-invasive treatment that can be done very quickly and doesn't require anesthesia. It usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Before the administrator injects Kybella into the patient, she will put a temporary 1x1 centimeter grid on the skin of the area to be treated. This directs her where to put the injections so they can be spaced evenly throughout the area. Then she will inject 0.22 ccs of Kybella into each dot on the patient's chin.

The patient may experience what feels like pinches from the injections and there may be a small burning sensation, but Kybella treatments are largely pain free. After the procedure there may be slight bruising and some swelling for up to six weeks. This will recede, and the patient will see a noticeable difference and a marked improvement in the jawline. The fat really does disappear, and the chin line becomes smoother and more pronounced.

It may take multiple treatments for a patient to meet fat loss goals for the double chin area. Typically it takes two to three treatments, and these are spaced a month or so apart to allow the area time to heal. The results for each treatment will be permanent, and the patient can decide if more are necessary after each one.

Kybella is a procedure that works really well for patients with extra fat in the area below their chin. It does not remove loose skin, however. For older patients with less elastic skin, this treatment would not be sufficient to give them a sleek chin profile. For younger patients with excess fat below the chin, it's remarkably effective.

If you have a little too much curve beneath your chin and do not like the way your face looks either front on or in profile because of it, Kybella could be exactly what you need. Call Bancroft Feldman for more information about this treatment or to schedule an appointment to take care of that double chin now.

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