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Fake Reviews Are Everywhere - Trust Results Instead!


In your search to find the right plastic surgeon, you may have noticed that many, if not most plastic surgeons, have great reviews posted on online sites. Is this because every plastic surgeon out there is amazing? Or because patients are uniformly happy with their results? No. It's because some surgeons pay marketers to leave fake reviews because they want to game the system and get more people in the doors of their practices. It's not right, and it's not ethical, but it happens all the time. If you want to protect yourself from unethical practices and know what a surgeon's work is truly like, you need to look at his results.

Reviews Can Be Faked or Bought, but Results Can't!

That 4.5 star rating looks impressive, doesn't it? Can you trust that is the real rating, though? Unfortunately, it's very easy to hire a marketing or SEO company that is willing to make up reviews out of whole cloth on Google, RealSelf, HealthGrades, Amazon, or Yelp. If a surgeon gets numerous bad reviews from patients unhappy with his work, it's more than possible to bury those reviews with made up reviews from fake profiles. Sometimes companies will not just "improve" their own clients' online profiles, they will post fake bad reviews on their competitors' Facebook pages, Google My Business profiles, or other review sites in an attempt to defame their reputations.

Fake reviews can be easy to spot because the language is often simple or repetitive, there are few details, and the profile of the reviewer looks sketchy. Other times it's harder to spot a fake. Real reviews that give lengthy and in-depth details about the doctor, the procedure, and its outcome and include before-and-after photos are legitimately helpful. It's too expensive for a black hat marketer to do that much work which is why detailed reviews are easier to believe.

Check Before-and-After Photos

Before-and-after photos are a better testimonial of work - proof of work done. However, sometimes doctors will even try to fake these by stealing other surgeon's photos and trying to pass them off as their own. How do you know that the photos are real? There's a good chance that they are fake if:

  • The people look too perfect, like they're models or these are stock photos
  • The photos only show one angle
  • That angle changes from patient to patient

At Bancroft Feldman we highlight the results that our actual patients have. The "models" you see on our homepage and procedure pages are real people, not models (although some of our patients are actual models who have had procedures performed by us). Our photo galleries will give you a good idea of what we can and do do for our patients every day. We take photos from multiple angles before and after our patients have surgery so you can see the huge difference surgery can make.

We don't have a handful of photos either. We have hundreds of before-and-after photos on our site of breast augmentations, mommy makeovers, and tummy tucks we have performed with success. We are experts in our field, we're proud of our work, and we want to show you what we can do and have done!

While no surgeon is perfect, Dr. Bancroft and Dr. Feldman have performed thousands of successful surgeries and are committed to educating and empowering their patients to make the best decisions they can about their bodies. This includes being transparent about what they can and cannot do and what a patient's expectations should be about the surgery they are seeking information about. Patient satisfaction is a very high priority in our practice, and we hear great things from our real patients all the time. Many of them post their own progress after surgery online or send photos to us because they are so excited about the difference surgery has made in their lives.

The very best testimonial is voluntarily given photographic evidence of a fantastic result. We are so happy when our patients share these with us because it brings our "Trust results" philosophy full circle. If you've had surgery at Bancroft Feldman and have had a positive experience we'd love to see your results. You can send your photos and your explanation of them to us via email or DM or tag us on Twitter or Instagram. Or bring them into our office, whatever is easiest for you! 

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