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How to Choose the Right Breast Size

breast size

When a woman decides to have breast augmentation, size of her breasts in the present and the future is a big part of her motivation. She has an idea in her mind of what she would like her improved breasts to look like. But is there a “right” sized breast for any one individual and how do you choose between a “B,” a “C,” or a “DD” implant? There are a number of factors that go into making that decision, but the volume of the implant itself is the least important of them.


In order to be comfortable and look right your breast implant must be sized to fit your chest, you breast envelope, and your goals. We’ll explain what these mean. It's not as simple as just picking a cup size. Additionally, creating a "wish list" of photos of other breasts are not predictive of your results. What your breasts look like now is the single largest influence on your result!


  • Chest - The correct breast implant needs to match the patient’s overall figure. This is more difficult than it looks as there are a number of factors that affect breast appearance including height, ribcage and chest circumference, shoulder size, and current cup size.

  • Breast envelope - Both a woman’s breast base width and her soft tissue envelope will limit what is possible for her in terms of implant size.

  • Goals - There is no one right way for any woman’s breasts to look, whether that be natural or on the full side of natural. Women see themselves differently and they imagine their ideal selves differently as well. On physically identical women, the same implant might seem too large to one and too small to another. It can be disconcerting, at first, to try on and see how different implants can change their overall look, but a good plastic surgeon is there to guide the patient to explore the possibilities within the boundaries of what will work for her. It’s important that the surgeon take the time to listen to and fully understand what the patient wants to look like. Once this is clear, he can use his expertise and familiarity with various products to help her achieve that look.


To begin this or any other process of plastic surgery, make sure to choose a qualified board certified plastic surgeon who will do a full set of measurements, and size you in person. At Bancroft Feldman we make sure that both a thorough examination and listening to our patients’ personal goals are both a part of our free consultation process. We want you to look and feel your best after the surgery is complete, and that cannot happen without your input and thorough measuring.


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