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How to Make Your Breast Implants Last Longer

breast implants

The patients we see at Bancroft Feldman are so passionate about their bodies and excited to have the opportunity to eliminate flaws and improve themselves aesthetically. Breast augmentation - and all plastic surgery - is an investment in yourself and how you present yourself to the world. It would make sense, then, that anyone who’s had surgery would want to maintain that investment and do whatever they can to make sure their breasts remain beautiful for as long as possible.

What are those things? Here are six tips we advise our patients to do that will limit stress on your body and keep your breasts perky and soft.

Let your breast tissue fully heal before you begin to exercise again - While exercise is important for both health and fitness, it takes time to heal from any surgery. You need to take that time - all of it. Make sure to follow all of the guidelines Dr. Feldman gives you after your procedure. You will ease back into activity that way without risking damage to your breasts, and  you’ll thank yourself later when your breasts look good and you are fully healed and strong again.

Always wear a bra with good support - We’ve talked about how important wearing the right bra is after your surgery, but it’s also important to continue to support your breasts after you’ve healed in order to avoid unnecessary sagging over time. You will need to have your new breasts sized and purchase a bra that lifts or pushes your breasts up - so your skin doesn’t have to do that work. Purchasing a tight bra is not what you want either. The bra you buy should keep your implants in position effortlessly so they stay where they are supposed to be at all times. The more you support them, the longer you will want to show them off.

Massage your breasts - If you want to have soft breasts that feel natural, you should take the time to massage them, ideally every day.

Moisturize your breasts - While adding a moisturizer to your breast massage routine won’t affect the implants themselves, it will keep your skin softer and more elastic and will make massage a more enjoyable routine. Invest in a quality moisturizer and indulge your skin.

Schedule your mammograms (when age appropriate) - Mammograms are not particularly exciting procedures to undergo, but they do help screen for cancer risk. Follow the recommendations of your PCP or OB/GYN. Typically they are recommended starting at 40-45 years of age +/- for risk factors. Make sure to tell your screener you have breast implants so they will know to take the appropriate measures with your breasts. Unfortunately breast cancer is not rare, occurring in 1 in 8 woman, while damage to implants from mammograms is extremely rare, so the benefit far outweighs any risk.

Keep your weight steady - Gaining and losing weight will put pressure on your body as well as your breasts and will result in skin stretching. This is particularly true for women who get pregnant and nurse their babies because their breasts will be specifically affected. If you do get pregnant after you have breast implants, you may want to consider additional procedures - such as a mommy makeover - for your body after you are done having children.

The above steps will help to keep your body and your breasts in good shape in the years to come so you can enjoy your beautiful self to the fullest for the longest period of time. If you have any additional questions, please make sure to ask Dr. Feldman during your consultation. He will be happy to answer them.

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