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How Will My Tummy Tuck Look?

tummy tuck

People get tummy tucks for a number of reasons, but mostly because they don't like the way their stomachs look as they age and life experiences happen. The skin is loose and flabby from pregnancy or other weight gain and loss, and they want it to look tighter, younger, and more fit again. However, men and women often have questions about what the result will look like besides being "tighter." Here are a few answers to two of the more common ones we get about the abdominoplasty procedure.

How does a tummy tuck affect abdominal tattoos?

During the abdominoplasty procedure Dr. Bancroft will remove the skin flap in order to tighten up the abdomen. This can be a significant amount of skin. If your tattoo covers a large part of your abdomen, you may lose some of it. If it's a smaller piece, you may lose it entirely. Some people choose to have new tattoos added to the area after they have fully healed to camouflage the tummy tuck scar. Dr. Bancroft will advise you of what will be removed during his free consultation so you do not have to wonder and worry.

When will my belly button look normal after my abdominoplasty?

The healing process from a tummy tuck takes between 4 and 6 months to complete. We know it's hard to wait to see the results of your surgery, but it's important to allow for all healing to take place before you determine if you're satisfied. What you see a week after your surgery is not your final result. The swelling will go down and the belly button will open further. Typically, because of the scar tissue involved, belly buttons do tend to get smaller and narrower, not larger and rounder. Dr. Bancroft will discuss with you what you should be doing to ensure the best result from your procedure at your post-op appointment - that includes your belly button.

Please feel free to browse through Bancroft Feldman's before/after photo gallery of the tummy tuck work Dr. Bancroft has done to see what other people's belly buttons look like after their scars have fully healed. We think that you'll be impressed with his results.

If you have been thinking of getting a tummy tuck because you are also unsatisfied with the appearance of your tummy, call Bancroft Feldman today. You don't have to continue to feel self conscious about your abdomen, and bikinis and crops tops don't have to be a thing of the past. Dr. Bancroft can help! 

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