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Liposuction Success Depends on You


How satisfied will you be with your liposuction procedure? Much depends on you. Carefully choosing a board certified plastic surgeon is a crucial part of the process. Liposuction is not in any way an assembly line procedure. It requires a delicate, sculpting hand and a well-trained and thoroughly experienced surgeon. However, how you manage your healing process after your liposuction procedure is more important that you might think - for both your result and your satisfaction.

A study conducted in 2006 offers insight into how satisfied patients are with liposuction both after the procedure is performed and later on. According to that study, patient satisfaction depends on how well patients manage their weight post-procedure. Patients who gained weight after the procedure were still satisfied with their procedure. In fact, 72 percent stated they would have the procedure again. However, among patients who did not gain weight, 82 percent of them were satisfied and 90 percent of them would recommend the procedure to friends or family. Only 74 percent of patients who gained weight said they would recommend liposuction.

When asked what they thought about their appearance, there was an even more sizable gap between the two groups. Seventy-nine percent of those who did not gain weight thought their appearance was either good or excellent. Only 29 percent of those who gained weight thought the same about their bodies. Twenty-nine percent verses 79 percent! What a difference!

We have discussed this before when talking about liposuction, but it's worth repeating: liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. It's very easy to gain weight, and, unfortunately, there are no real shortcuts to losing it. Eating a healthy diet and exercising energetically will result in weight loss. Fad diets, short bursts of exercise, pills, and surgery will not take or keep the weight off if you do not eat right and exercise. Neither will liposuction. Liposuction is a solution for people who are already exercising and have achieved a target weight but are still struggling with stubborn deposits of fat in certain places.

At Bancroft Feldman, Dr. Bancroft will perform your liposuction surgery. Dr. Bancroft's experience, knowledge, and patient care are well known and highly regarded. During your consultation with him, he will examine you, ask questions, and get to know both you and your body in order to fully understand your liposuction needs. This is a vital part of the give and take between doctor and patient. After your liposuction procedure is done, however, you will still need to eat right and exercise in order to maintain your successful body contour result.

If you go into your liposuction surgery at a healthy weight and maintain that weight afterward through diet and exercise, you should be happy with your results for many years to come. Looking good and feeling good with liposuction - so much of that is up to you.

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