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Should I Worry about ALCL?


There have been news reports lately about breast implants being linked to ALCL. This has caused concern among our patients. We wanted to take the opportunity to discuss what ALCL is, how it's linked to ALCL, and what types of implants Bancroft Feldman places in our patients. We want to ensure that our patients as well as future patients are well informed by addressing the issue and answering any questions you might have.

What Is ALCL?

Anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or ALCL, is is a rare type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). ALCL is a disease that involves white blood cells called T-cells becoming abnormal and building up in the lymph nodes (such as in the neck, armpit, or groin) and other areas of the body.

ALCL is not breast cancer, and it's more common in children and young adults than in adults. It is extremely rare, with a total of 359 cases ever reported in the 55-year history of breast implants. For comparison, 692 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every single day in the U.S. alone.

What Does ALCL Have to Do with Breast Implants?

In 2011, the FDA identified a possible association between breast implants and the development of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). The leading theory regarding development of ALCL is based on chronic irritation or inflammation in breast pocket, resulting from textured implant shell surface and low level implant "biofilm" infection. ALCL seems to have a very strong link, if not exclusivity, to ???????????????????????????????? implant shells.

Should I Worry about ALCL?

Both of the risk factors for ALCL are currently, and always have been, specifically addressed and thereby mitigated by Dr. Feldman's implant selection and techniques. In fact, 99.97% of the implants placed by Dr. Feldman have smooth shells, with only a single patient requesting and receiving textured devices. This instantly reduces your risk of ALCL by at least 90%. In fact, no cases have been documented with smooth shell implants and no prior exposure to textured devices.

If you have breast implants, the FDA does not recommend removing them if you have no symptoms of ALCL. You should not need to change your medical care at all. Bancroft Feldman does recommend that you have routine mammograms as your family doctor recommends based on your age and family history.

If you have an Allergan Natrelle Saline 68LP, 68MP, 68HP, Natrelle Silicone Classic Style 10, 15, 20, 45, Allergan Natrelle Silicone Inspira SRL, SRLP, SRM, SRF, SRX, Allergan Natrelle Silicone Inspira Soft Touch SSL, SSLP, SSM, SSF, SSX or Allergan Natrelle Silicone Inspira Cohesive SCL, SCLP, SCM, SCF, or SCX implants, these all have smooth shells. This information was on the card you were given after surgery. If you're a patient of Dr. Feldman and have lost or misplaced your card, call or email the office (, and we can send you a pdf scanned copy of your implant information.

We always welcome questions from our patients. We want to be as transparent about our implants and techniques, which we have selected and use to limit the risk of any harmful side effects to our patients.

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