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Should You have a Breast Lift with Your Breast Augmentation?


There are many reasons that women give for being dissatisfied with their breasts. Many are unhappy with their breasts' size; others were satisfied with them until they had children or they began to sag over time. Now they want their beautiful breasts back! Some women are unhappy with both the size and the condition of their breasts. There are two procedures most commonly used to address breast issues: the breast augmentation and the breast lift. The question is: Should you have one or the other or both? Read on for the answers.

What Is a Breast Augmentation?

When most people think of breasts and surgery, they think of breast augmentation because it is the most popular plastic surgery procedure and has been for many years. In 2017 over 300,000 of these were performed. Breast augmentation is the insertion of an implant into the pocket of your chest wall. It's important to remember that breast augmentation only makes your breasts larger. It does not move your breast higher on your chest, make them more perky, move nipples up, make them more even or symmetic, or remove loose skin.

If you want to have bigger breasts, you will need to have a breast augmentation procedure.

What Is a Breast Lift?

We've discussed breast lifts - or mastoplexy - before. Determining if a breast lift is required is not difficult and can be done with a few measurements. If the skin of your breasts is loose due to pregnancy or breastfeeding, your breasts sag, or your nipples point down, that is what a breast lift is designed to fix. A breast lift can also address discrepancies between breasts - if your breasts are different in size or shape from each other.

A breast lift is what you need if you want perkier breasts or desire improved nipple position or symmetry. Adding an implant to a sagging breast will simply make it sag more. Clearly surgeons touting a large, heavy, high profile implant with dual plane technique to "avoid" a lift are not familiar with a pesky reality called gravity!

Again, breast augmentation changes the size of your breasts, while a breast lift changes their condition.

Can You Have Both a Breast Augmentation and a Breast Lift?

Of course! If you'd like both bigger and perkier, more uniform breasts, having both procedures performed can accomplish that. Many women choose both because they want breasts that are both full and high like they had when they were younger or before life events like the rigors of pregnancy and breastfeeding or weight fluctuations. Oftentimes we will start with a more conservative low plus or moderate implant (SRLP or SRM) and large mastopexy as the first surgery, followed 6 months later with a second stage swap to a full profile (SSF) device and fine tune the lift for an AMAZING transformation.

If you are dissatisfied with the way your breasts look, it's best to consult a board certified plastic surgeon and breast expert like Dr. Feldman who specializes in breast augmentation and has performed more than three thousand successful breast procedures. Dr. Feldman is a breast expert and will be able to advise you on what procedure or procedures would result in the best outcomes given your body measurements, your lifestyle, and your goals. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Feldman, please call us at 281-313-0540 or, even better yet, submit your virtual consultation today. Today is always the best day to begin the process of improving yourself.

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