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The Importance of Following Post-surgical Instructions

post-surgical instructions

When patients come to us for plastic surgery so they can feel better about their bodies, they trust both their health and the ultimate aesthetic outcome - better looking breasts or a sleeker looking figure - to our professional skill. This is why Drs. Bancroft and Feldman have spent so much time acquiring training and expertise: so that every surgery they perform can be a success.

However, it’s also very important that our patients follow the details of our post-surgical instructions very carefully if they want that to happen. A caring and qualified surgeon can only do so much. During the healing process when the patient is at home, she is the one doing the monitoring and maintenance, and if she doesn’t take care of her body in the right way during this crucial period, she may not like the results of her procedure.

Immediately following surgery, our patients are primarily concerned with how to deal with their bandages, manage pain or the effects of sedation, and avoid scarring. Our care instructions provide patients with the information necessary to make this as pain and scar-free a process as possible. It’s important that patients know what to expect and what kinds of physical reactions fall in the range of normal post-surgical experience. This will help minimize worry and maximize healing.

Bancroft Feldman also provides their breast augmentation patients with a surgical sports bra in order to facilitate healing and keep the implants where they are supposed to be while the body readjusts after surgery. This bra won’t do all the necessary work, though. After a breast augmentation, a woman needs to specifically limit her physical movements as well. This means waiting to do certain types of exercise lift things over 2-3 pounds at first and 10-15 pounds later. She should sleep on her back as well for the best results.

Massage is also important. It may not be something women desiring breast implants would expect  to do, but regular, daily massage will keep your breasts soft and even and will ensure a better long-term outcome for this surgery.

At Bancroft and Feldman we go over both our responsibilities and our recommendations with our patients during our patient appointments, so nothing we ask them to do post-surgery is a surprise. The importance of their following these instructions cannot be overstated, however. Plastic surgery is an investment women make in themselves, and all investments need careful monitoring for them to pay off over time. Our after-care instructions are designed to make everyone involved pleased with both the surgery experience and its aesthetic results.

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