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The New INSPIRA™ Breast Implant: "Full Just Got Fuller"

Bancroft Feldman is pleased to offer its clientele a complete range of services with the goal of improving overall body appearance and returning a younger looking self, and very soon we will have another option for patients seeking a fuller, natural looking breast implant. In February the Food and Drug Administration approved Allergan, Inc.’s Natrelle INSPIRA™ smooth round gel breast implants for use by plastic surgeons and their patients.

inspiraThis new option is a significant improvement particularly for women seeking a fuller breast look, including those who have already undergone surgery on their breasts and are interested in further revision surgery. The higher fill level of the INSPIRA™ option is ideal for women looking to replace the breast fullness they had pre-pregnancy or to upgrade an aging saline or silicone product. Of course, this is not the only Natrelle option available. There are over 200 size options and many projection styles within this specific product line, and Bancroft Feldman works with many others as well in order to provide their patients the most personally tailored options for their body style choices. We seek to satisfy both a desired look and exactly fit our patients’ body dimensions for the best overall breast augmentation experience, both short term and long term.

Who is the ideal patient for a breast implant? Women at least 22 years old for silicone filled implants and women who are at least 18 years old for saline-filled implants who seek breast augmentation either for aesthetic or medical reasons, as well as women who desire surgery to replace breast tissue lost either due to cancer treatment, trauma, or malformation. The ideal patient for the INSPIRA™ breast implant is the thin woman without tissue to hide a lesser filled implant or one with visible rippling now.

Are you a good candidate for a breast augmentation or a breast lift? Many women believe that the damage done to their bodies from normal life events like pregnancy, aging, or previous surgeries cannot be undone, but that is rarely the case. New medical advances and treatment options make having a beautiful body achievable and practical well beyond what used to be possible.

Bancroft Feldman is always looking for new ways to offer their patients better and safer choices for increasing satisfaction with their own bodies, which is why our surgeons are excited to have another breast augmentation option to include within their portfolio of surgical options. If Natrelle INSPIRA™ sounds like something that could help you achieve the fuller, more youthful breast look you’ve been dreaming of, contact us today. We would love to tell you more.

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