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Tips for Better Appointment Scheduling


Every doctor's office struggles with handling patients who come late for their appointments or do not show up at all, and Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery is no different. It's easy to see why this creates difficulty for our doctors and the office staff, but ultimately it's a problem for patients as well. The entire day can be an hour or more behind, meaning other patients have to wait for their appointments because our staff is caring for someone else's late arrival. Appointment cancellations mean patients also have to wait longer, or prime times were taken, before their own procedures can be performed or consult schedule. Because appointment scheduling problems affect everyone negatively, we'll list our tips for making your scheduling, and therefore your appointment, as smooth as possible for you and for our other patients.

Be early for your appointment. Everyone knows that there is a check-in procedure at every doctor's office and that it can take some time. Traffic can take time, or you could be delayed for other reasons, so aim to be 15 minutes for your appointment. That way you will get to our office on time, and your appointment can proceed on time as well.

Have your information ready. Before your appointment, complete and update your online medical history with any relevant medical information such as your history of surgical procedures or allergies to medications.
It's also helpful to jot down your thoughts and ideas about why you want to have plastic surgery and what you hope it will do for your overall aesthetic. That way you will not forget to discuss anything important with your doctor on the day of your appointment.

Do not skip follow-up appointments. Post-surgical appointments and their timing are essential to your health and well being. Dr. Bancroft and Dr. Feldman need to make sure that you are healing properly, that you are not in discomfort, and that you are following the post-surgical instructions they gave you to ensure your outcome is as beautiful as possible.

If you have to cancel an appointment, call in advance. We understand that life can be complicated and things do come up, but calling sooner is better as that allows our office staff to free up appointment time for other patients.

Ask to reschedule if you must cancel your appointment. This will make sure there is no additional delay to having your procedure performed and enjoying your new body and aesthetic.

Please be considerate of your own time, the time of other patients also waiting to see Drs. Bancroft and Feldman, and our entire office staff. We want to give you the best and most prompt service possible, and if everyone works together by following the above suggestions for appointment scheduling, we can!

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