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Wedding Day Confidence Is Beautiful


It's wedding season, and some of our gorgeous patients have been sharing their wedding day photos with us.

"I wanted to feel confident and look amazing in my wedding dress. Mission accomplished!"

We're always delighted when we get tagged in pictures or when our patients follow up with their personal success stories. Every woman, of course, wants to look beautiful for her wedding. Sometimes that best look needs a little help, whether that involves bringing in a professional hair stylist, a makeup artist, or having other procedures done. If you're thinking of having cosmetic surgery to make your wedding day photos fantastic, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Cosmetic Surgery Is for Every Day, Not Just Your Wedding Day

While there are temporary procedures like fillers or Botox, most cosmetic surgery involves making some sort of permanent change. Any change like that should be made for the right reasons. Perfect wedding day photos are not a good enough reason for getting breast implants. Wanting to change the size or shape of your breasts permanently is.

Anyone considering plastic surgery should also make these decisions for herself. You should not get plastic surgery because your fiancé wants you to have bigger breasts. Or because your mother criticizes your body. The only person who should have a say about what your body looks like is you. Before you decide to have any cosmetic procedure done, take a moment to make sure it's something you want and not something someone else is bullying you into with snide remarks, cruel jokes, or demands. If you don't make this choice for yourself - because you want to improve your body for your own reasons - you will never be happy with the results, no matter how good they are.

Have Procedures Done Well in Advance

When we talked before about people who get Botox before a wedding, we advised that you should have Botox done 2 to 4 weeks ahead of any event so that there aren't any unhappy surprises and you will feel comfortable with what your face looks like. This is even more true with surgical procedures like breast augmentation and liposuction. These procedures take time to heal and for the beautiful end results to develop.

For procedures like breast augmentation, breast lift, abdominoplasty, and liposuction, ideally plan to have a minimum of three months and for larger combined surgery up to an entire year of healing in place before your wedding. For skin care regimen changes, or procedures like chemical peels, give yourself 6 months' time.

Closer to your wedding day you can schedule temporary treatments like Botox and fillers. If you are concerned about what they will look like on your face, it's best to try them out early in your engagement period and then repeat them a couple of months before the wedding. This will ensure you look good but do not feel anxious about what might happen. You do not want to have additional stress on top of wedding stress!

Everyone has their own personal reasons for why they want cosmetic surgery, but they always involve looking better and feeling more confident. While we would not advise having major surgery just to look better on your wedding day, we do hear from our patients all the time that the procedures they've had done make every day - including that wedding day - better.

What more could we ask for? As always, thank you for sharing your photos with us. You're beautiful!

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