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What Are the Long-term Results of Liposuction?


We are all familiar with weight loss in America - both the successes and the failures. Unfortunately for many people, even the most disciplined, diet and exercise will not get rid of the last layer of stubborn fat that remains. To accomplish that they will need surgery; however, patients who are considering liposuction as a way to fix their figure problems want to know that the procedure will have long-term positive effects.


Liposuction is the surgical and permanent removal of fat cells. Your plastic surgeon will make a small incision in the area or areas you’ve chosen to target for body sculpting, insert a thin tube called a cannula, and then vacuum out the fat cells through a flexible pipe. After liposuction, those fat cells are gone and will not return. This means that any weight gain after the surgery will occur much less in those areas, as there are fewer fat cells remaining there to expand with new fat. It doesn’t mean that weight gain anywhere is off the table. To maintain your improved figure, diet and exercise will continue to be important parts of your lifestyle.


At Bancroft Feldman we advise our Houston area patients to have realistic expectations of their liposuction procedure. Those fat cells are gone and will not grow back, but if a patient goes on to gains a significant amount of weight after their procedure, new fat cells can form, and new figure problems will emerge.


Some people think that liposuction will result in weight loss, but you will probably not notice much of a difference on the scale immediately after the surgery. Typically though, several pounds of fat are removed with each liposuction session. Numbers are not everything, though. You will notice a sleeker, more sculpted look to your body. That is what the liposuction procedure is designed to do.


Most of our patients are very excited to see their new bodies after liposuction, but it’s important to remember that the swelling from the surgery will mask the results in the short term. Most patients see improvement within the first week or two and Within one to three months, patients will be able to fully see and enjoy the results they chose to pursue. Get ready to buy a new wardrobe to highlight your new body!


Finally, it’s also important to remember that loose or sagging skin cannot be fixed by liposuction and may require a surgical procedure called an abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck to directly remove this excess skin.


If you’d like to see certain trouble spots on your body gone permanently and are interested in investing in a sleeker figure, contact Bancroft Feldman and make an appointment with one of our experienced surgeons. We can make your body image dreams a reality.

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