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What Is Bra Bulge?


Many women have excess breast tissue that is visible when they wear a bra or a swimsuit. This is also known as "bra bulge." Having obvious bra bulge can make wearing sleeveless dresses and tank tops challenging as the view from the front and side will not be smooth and attractive. For this reason, many women seek out plastic surgery to fix their bra bulge.

What Is Bra Bulge?

Bra bulge is actual accessory (extra) breast tissue that is visible between the armpit and bra. Unfortunately in this area fat is hard to get rid of as it's breast tissue which is dissimilar to run of the mill fatty tissue so it's very exercise resistant. Losing weight and working out often doesn't help. The fat here is excess breast tissue - a part of the breast itself. It's difficult to impossible to exercise or diet only part of your breast tissue away.

Until recently patients didn't have a variety of good options to treat bra bulge. Liposuction can give underwhelming results, cause arm swelling and the incisions leave scars that are visible in sleeveless dresses and blouses. Fortunately now there is Kybella.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is a minimally invasive procedure that destroys fat cells in "problem" areas such as the submental (double chin) region and other localized fat bulges. It is a break-through injectable that melts fat without surgery and results in permanent fat loss. Kybella is FDA approved for the treatment of double chin, but doctors have more recently been using it to get rid of stubborn fat in spots like the bra bulge.

Currently Kybella is the best treatment available for bra bulge. It is a simple office procedure that takes between 15 and 30 minutes and does not require anesthesia. Patients can have a Kybella treatment on their lunch break or day off because it's quick and has a minimal recovery period afterward.

How Does the Kybella Treatment Work?

It's very straightforward:

  • The area of concern is marked with a permanent marker.
  • A 1x1 centimeter grid is transferred onto the skin over the area. This is a temporary tattoo that helps the administrator inject the Kybella solution evenly into the area.
  • 0.22 ccs of Kybella is injected into each dot.

After the procedure patients can expect a few days of swelling and slight bruising, but within 4-6 weeks, they will see marked improvement in the treated underarm area. The fat really does melt away leaving a smoother line underneath the arm and above the bra.

If you suffer from bra bulge and would like to have a smoother, more attractive look under your arms, call us at Bancroft Feldman. We would be happy to give you more details about the Kybella treatment and how we administer it and get you scheduled for one at our facility before swimsuit season really kicks in. Summer is coming - why wait?

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