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What Will Your New Belly Button Look Like?


One of the side effects of a tummy tuck procedure is that the patient's original navel or belly button is moved or removed along with other excess skin. A frequently asked question we get is "What will my belly button look like after my surgery?" Here we will talk about what happens to the belly button during an abdominoplasty procedure and what you can expect after your procedure is done and your body has healed.

What Is a Belly Button?

The belly button is what remains of the umbilical cord that connects a baby to its mother in utero and allows for nourishment during pregnancy. When the baby is born, the doctor cuts this cord, and it eventually drops off. What's left with is the belly button. It doesn't really have a function. It's just there. Most people associate belly buttons with sexy flat stomachs, though, and they want their own abdomens - and belly buttons - to look like that.

Not everyone likes the way their belly button looks. Independent of abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgeries, about 2,000 people a year have a surgery known as umbilicoplasty to change the appearance of their belly buttons - usually transforming an "outie" to an "innie." This allows them to have that sexy flat-stomach look everyone loves.

Tummy Tucks Transform Belly Buttons

When you have an abdominoplasty procedure done it changes the look of your lower abdomen.

The great thing about a tummy tuck is that it gives you your "old body" back in the sense that it tightens up the stretched skin and removes scars or stretch marks that life or pregnancy have left behind. There is some scarring on the lower belly, but it is usually not visible even when you wear a bathing suit.

The belly button is almost always affected by this surgery. After he has pulled together and tightened the muscles of your abdomen, Dr. Bancroft will reposition and re-sculpt your belly button in order to match your new slimmer form. In some cases, if too much skin is removed to reposition the belly button, he will create the appearance of a belly button where it should be on your abdomen so everything will look natural and attractive once you've healed.

How Long Will It Take for My Belly Button to Heal?

It can take weeks for your belly button to heal after a tummy tuck. During your post-op and follow-up appointments, Dr. Bancroft will examine you and go over with you the proper way to clean the area and help both your abdomen and your new belly button to heal. It will be months, sometimes up to 6 months, before your abdomen will heal completely and you will see exactly what your belly button will look like.

It can be hard to wait through all the stages of healing. In the beginning there will be a lot of swelling. It will look worse, not better. You need to be patient for your final result. The swelling will go down, and your belly button will typically open further over time. As it heals it will get smaller and narrower due to the scar tissue that develops.

If you would like to know what kinds of results Dr. Bancroft's other patients have had with their tummy tucks, please browse our before/after photo gallery. We think you will be impressed at how lovely and natural these Bancroft Beauties look. If you like what you see, contact Bancroft Feldman today to begin your own tummy transformation process!

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