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Why Do I Have Crow's Feet?


Many people worry about crow's feet, the wrinkles that appear at the corners of their eyes as they get older. The number of wrinkles there is one of the ways people judge age, in fact, so they're right to be concerned. Most people, and especially women, want to prolong the appearance of crow's feet on their faces as long as possible and reverse it when they can. If you are worried about crow's feet, read on.

The skin around the eye is extremely thin. Why? Because it contains little subcutaneous fat. We may not be fond of fat, but the thin layer of subcutaneous fat is what gives our body a softened look. On the face it pads out the skull below beautifully, making us look healthy and vibrant.

Crow's feet aren't the only problems around the eyes, though. Bags and swelling are also much more obvious here than anywhere else in the face. This is due to sluggish blood and lymph microcirculation. When you drink too much alcohol, it shows around your eyes. When you don't drink enough water, it does too. When you're sick, dehydrated, or hungover, microcirculation can be compromised, and your eyes will look shadowed or puffy. The reddish-blue blood vessels that exist just under the skin also become more visible with age and poorer health, creating dark circles under the eyes.

What's more, the skin around your eyes is under constant strain from the 22 underlying muscles and the 10,000 blinks you take every day. Lines form in the skin over time when you smile, laugh, frown, and squint.

As you age the area around the eyes degrades in three ways: the skin itself thins, fat is lost, and collagen and elastin break down. Collagen is what gives the skin its strength, and elastin gives it its elasticity. When these break down, the already thinner skin becomes looser. As the adult face sheds its layer of baby fat over time, the wrinkles become much more obvious.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to help slow aging around the eyes. First of all, you can take care of your skin by avoiding the sun, using sunscreen, and not smoking. Developing a skin-care routine is also very helpful. The right nutrients can help preserve collagen integrity in the delicate skin around the eyes. Botox is another good answer for stopping the aging process or reversing it once wrinkles have formed. Botox is an excellent fix for crow's feet.

If you are worried that the skin around your eyes may make you look older than you want to appear, please contact Bancroft Feldman today. We would be happy to consult with you about a skin-care routine or to make a Botox appointment with our nurse injector. 

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