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Why Have a Tummy Tuck after You've Lost the Weight?

tummy tuck

Americans are all about weight loss, and the process of losing a significant amount of weight truly is a triumph of discipline and determination. Unfortunately, many people find that after they have met their weight loss goals, particularly when that means 100 or more pounds lost, they have a new problem: loose skin.  This is because the body’s skin stretches all over as a person gains weight in the arms, abdomen, breasts, face, and legs, but its normal elasticity is not enough to spring itself back into its former tautness.


Obesity is a national problem, but it’s also a highly personal one for millions of Americans. It’s highly discouraging for men and women who have worked and sacrificed to recover their former health and bodies to realize that there is no magic reset button when the weight is all gone. Muscle and skin damage has occurred, and even with a lot of additional effort in diet and exercise, they will never have the trim bodies that “skinny” people take for granted.


Fortunately, there are solutions for this including abdominoplasty or, as it’s more commonly known, the tummy tuck. Plastic surgeons can remove the additional skin and restore the patient’s figure to its original form. What’s more, research has shown that tummy tucks or other body contouring procedures actually aid the patient in keeping additional weight off. Compared with people who have lost weight but not had surgery, abdominoplasty patients gain a quarter of the same weight back annually. The psychological benefits of maintaining a desired figure and not reverting back to the body they worked so hard to leave behind cannot be overstated.


A tummy tuck, in tandem with other procedures such as liposuction, can also improve stubborn problems such as residual fat that lingers even after weight loss. Removing abdominal fat may also aid in reducing appetite-affecting hormones. Researchers are currently studying the effects of obesity-influenced bodily functioning relative to both appetite and the ability to shed weight. They are beginning to shed light on the relationship between diet, gut flora, and weight gain in new and fascinating ways, but anything that helps patients continue to keep weight off has to be seen as a blessing - for patients and doctors.


Bancroft Feldman specializes in helping women achieve their personal appearance goals through surgery. We believe people should have the ability to be the people they feel they are inside; it’s our mission to help them do that. Contact us today to start work on becoming the more beautiful person you dream of being.


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