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Why Is Botox So Popular?


Botox has exploded in popularity over the past decade and a half. The FDA approved Botox for cosmetic use in 2002, and it took off nearly overnight with exponential growth over time. Most recently Millennials have taken interest in this cosmetic treatment. It's estimated that in 2018 Botox will have a $4.7 billion global market, with half of that in the U.S. alone. Why is this cosmetic treatment so popular?

First of all, Botox is a non-invasive alternative to surgery. It's quick, pain-free, and similar to going to the hairdresser's in terms of time commitment. Botox doesn't require anesthesia to be administered, so you can resume your life right after the treatment is finished. You will not need to take time off of work afterwards.

The side effects of Botox are also minimal. You may experience bruising or see some small, reddish bumps immediately after the injection, but typically they will resolve quickly. You can apply makeup immediately after, in fact, although it's important not to rub or massage the injection areas as it might cause the Botox to migrate to an unintended area.

Botox is suitable for certain parts of the face, including the eyes and lips. The most common areas to be treated are between the eyebrows or into the patient's crows feet and the lines of the forehead. If you're worried the treatment will be too "permanent," you needn't be. Botox typically lasts 3 to 4 months, at which point you can decide if you want to repeat the same results or ask your Botox administrator to modify them.

Some people think that Botox has to look motionless or "stiff," but Botox treatments can be tailored to meet individuals' needs and wants, whether that's little to no movement in the treated area or allowing for freer expression; both are fine. Just make sure to tell your Botox administrator what it is you want and anything you've noticed about previous treatments. Your Botox professional will want to make sure the outcome of the treatment is what you want it to be so you get your best result.

For fifteen years people have been using Botox to turn back the clock and return the areas of their eyes, foreheads, and mouths to a softer, more youthful look. Now Millennials are choosing Botox to prevent the appearance of aging before it happens. If you can stave off aging, why not make that investment in yourself?

If you live in the greater Houston area and have any questions about Botox, call Bancroft Feldman today. We will be happy to answer them or make an appointment for you to try Botox for yourself.

We're excited to add a nurse injector to our office. As the doctors have become so busy with surgery, our nurse addition allows aesthetic patients to continue with the personal touch, and availability, they've come to expect at Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery.

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