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Why Is Submuscular Breast Implant Placement Important?


There are typically three types of breast implant placements used to increase a woman’s breast size. These are: subgladular, subfascial, and submuscular. Within the anatomy of the chest are breast tissue/mammary glands, a layer of muscle called the pectoralis major muscle, and behind that another layer called the pectoralis minor muscle. Subglandular placement means that the implant is inserted directly behind the mammary gland and in front of both layers of muscle. Subfascial placement means that the implant is partially inserted under the fascia (the connective tissue) of the pectoral major muscle.


Submuscular placement means that the implant is inserted under the pectoralis major muscle and above the pec minor. Dual Plane means just that, as much as possible under the muscle and some under the breast tissue as the muscle and breast borders are not always lined up.


Dr. Feldman firmly believes that submuscular (and dual plane) implant placement is the best choice for overall patient health and optimal breast aesthetics.

  • ·With submuscular placement the implant will be better hidden in your cleavage where it will show the most.
  • ·With submuscular placement you will have much less likelihood of capsular contracture. Capsular contracture means scar tissue forming around the implant. As with the insertion of any foreign object into the body a thin, fibrous membrane will naturally form around it. However, with breast implants, the desirable outcome is to avoid capsular contraction and for this layer to remain thin over time.  
  • ·With submuscular placement mammograms retain the same ability to detect early breast cancer.

Ultimately, a submuscular (or dual plane) placement means that your breasts will look better, feel softer and more natural for a longer period of time, andmost importantly your implants will not interfere with mammographic screening.


Maximum muscle coverage and the best breast aesthetics are always the goal at Bancroft Feldman, so during your initial consultation, Dr. Feldman will measure you and discuss different options for implants based on body and your desired outcome.


If you have any questions about breast implant placement or what type of implant would be best for you, please call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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