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Why You Need a Skin-Care Routine

Skin careWe often underestimate how important good skin is to a beautiful appearance. Lush, soft, blemish free skin is a sign of youth and good health and is the reason Botox is such a popular procedure these days. As we’ve said before, it’s not smart to make the investment of plastic surgery and not take good care of yourself in other ways.

Beyond the basics of not smoking, wearing sunscreen, and drinking plenty of water  We’ll go through each of these.

Cleansing - You expose your face to dirt, oil, bacteria, pollutants, and makeup everyday just by living, so removing all of that so that your skin can breathe and your pores will not get clogged is essential. Without a regular cleansing routine, your face will be more prone to acne, and if you do not remove your makeup at night, it will dry your skin. You should cleanse your face before you go to bed and again when you wake up in the morning as well as anytime it get dirty or sweaty.

Choose a gentle cleanser that supports your skin type - whether normal, oily, or dry - and will remove makeup as well as dirt. After you soak your face with warm water, apply the cleanser and gently massage it into your skin with circular movements for 30 to 60 seconds. Make sure to cleanse your neck and behind your ears as well. Then rinse with warm water and dry it with a clean, soft towel, patting gently instead of rubbing.

Toning - Apply facial toner to your face gently with a cotton pad, focusing on any oily areas, especially your forehead nose and chin. This step may not seem as obvious or important as either cleansing or moisturizing, but toner helps to eliminate any residues like chlorine in the water you use to cleanse and rinse your face. These can dry out your skin; toner helps to balance its pH level.

Moisturizing - If you want skin that looks and feels smooth and fresh, moisturizing is a must. Apply your moisturizer with the tips of your fingers, massaging it into your skin. The type of moisturizer you choose will depend again on your skin type, but use one with a built-in sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher so your skin doesn’t burn with exposure to the sun. With all of these steps, make sure to avoid getting any product in your eyes or your mouth.

Bancroft Feldman now offers Glo Therapeutics and Biopelle skin care products for our clients who want to be more proactive and implement a skin-care routine. If you have any questions about which products would be best suited for your skin type and most helpful for your beauty routine, please ask us for our recommendations.

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