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Is there a scar cream I should be using?

At your two week follow-up your Steri-Strips will be taken off so you can start scar care after that appointment. The only scar treatment that has been medically proven to work is silicone strips (Common brands are ScarAway, NewGel, etc. available at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon) worn 24/7 except when showering for 8 weeks minimum, preferably 12 weeks. Lotions and creams, like Mederma, or roll-on liquid silicone, are not proven in controlled medical studies to improve the look of the scar. The challenge with the silicone strips are that you will not notice an improvement in scar appearance during the treatment, but rather a year later it’s likely the scar will be softer, flatter and narrower. It’s hard to continue something 24/7 for 3 months without positive feedback. If you don’t want to commit to long term treatment like the silicone strips, we recommend using any lotion that works for your skin type (Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, Aloe, etc.) and lotion your breast and scars at least twice daily. Rub the incision back and forth or in little circles for 90 seconds with firm pressure. This will help break up the scar tissue and may improve the look of your scars. Finally, you must protect your scar from sunlight and UV tanning lights for 12 months. So even if you don’t wear the silicone strips 24/7 for maximum benefit, if you purchase the strips with fabric backing, they can be used under bathing suit to protect incisions from UV exposure and tend to be gentler on your skin than the adhesive from Band-Aids.