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My Story

Feldman Plastic Surgery is the culmination of Dr. Feldman's personal, and professional, journey helping patients achieve the confidence and appearance they deserve over the past decade. He continues to operate, performing liposuction, and body contouring, at SonoBello - Dallas to keep his surgical skills sharp, but has also realized sharing the knowledge, experience and judgement obtained from building and running his former boutique practice, Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery, and operating on thousands of patients, is invaluable for the next generation of patients and surgeons.

There are only so many hours in the day to provide patient care. Dr. Feldman realized that by providing advice, gained through his experience, to other surgeons, patients and even lawyers will help educate, and empower, far more people, than he ever could directly. As a result, Dr. Feldman is now excited to offer case review, expert witness and consulting services for patients and practitioners.

Dr. Feldman has an undergraduate engineering degree that developed and matured his analytical thinking and problem solving skills, allowing him to generate unique but reliable solutions for challenging conditions. Hope is not a good way to design a bridge, and certainly is not a surgical technique or recovery plan!

After medical school, Dr. Feldman attended Baylor College of Medicine's prestigious integrated Plastic Surgery residency. This is where his engineering problem solving skills were transformed into exemplary clinical abilities at world renowned institutions like Texas Children's Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center, The Methodist Hospital and Ben Taub General Hospital.

After residency, Dr. Feldman started Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery which quickly took over Houston's competitive aesthetic surgery market. As a result of this rigorous training, hard work, meticulous attention to detail and putting patient results first, Dr. Feldman became Texas’s (and beyond) premier cosmetic plastic surgeon. Dr. Feldman is a world renowned expert, surgically specializing, in body contouring, waist snatching, liposuction, and breast augmentation, but has operated, published and commands a thorough understanding of all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery including, but not limited to, cosmetic surgery including face, nose (rhinoplasty), pediatrics plastic surgery including plagiocephaly, craniosynostosis, cleft lip and palate, trauma reconstruction including facial fractures, limb salvage and burns, breast cancer reconstruction as well as hand surgery. After accomplishing everything he set out to achieve clinically in under ten years, Dr. Feldman chose to sell his equity in Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery to Dr. Bancroft in February 2020, and focus on sharing his knowledge, rather than continuing to spend the bulk of his time running the day in and day out operations of a successful business.

Just being able to solve problems or having technical operative skill is only part of the picture, however. Known for his candor and excellent bedside manner, Dr. Feldman can provide you with the individualized plan to help you achieve your goals by distilling complex, but essential, information to easily digested concepts thereby educating and empowering you, to make the best decision possible. He will spend more time talking with you than just about any other physician, not just plastic surgeon! This candor, and command of material, also makes him an excellent consultant, trainer and expert witness. Dr. Feldman can not only tell you the best course of action, but can back it up with easily understood explanations, and is always three steps ahead.

Whether it's surgery, practice development, consulting, accreditation, or case review you can rest assured you've found the right surgeon to achieve your goals.